What they did hurt.

Disappointment, frustration, resentment.

They all lead to anger, bitterness, and disconnection.

Maybe it’s time.

To forgive.

I know; it seems like forgiving is giving in.

It seems like it’s telling them that what they did was ok.

It seems like we’re telling them they don’t need to change.

Forgiveness is none of that.

Forgiveness is about freedom.

Your freedom.

If someone has hurt you and you can’t seem to shake it, maybe you’ve been holding on to it for what feels like a lifetime, then it’s time to let it go.

Tune into this week’s episode about extending forgiveness and find out why along with a four-step process you can use as a guide to begin.


I am a marriage coach helping women and couples turn their loveless & emotionless marriage into something better than they ever imagined possible. My process starts by looking within to understand how you got here, and from this place, we work together to figure out where you want to go. Then we do the work of making that your reality!

If you feel sad and completely powerless about your marriage’s state of affairs, then I’d love to chat with you about what is going on and what’s possible for you and your future. It’s never too late to re-create your best life. Schedule a free mini-session today, and let’s talk about how to get started. 


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