Why Someone Else Isn’t Causing Your Feelings

It’s what I used to think.

I used to get so mad when people didn’t act like I thought they should.

I spent so much time and energy trying to change people in my head.

Thank God I now know differently because now I have complete freedom to feel however I want, no matter what anyone else says or does.

I now have so much more energy to focus on things that matter.

It’s true that other people don’t cause our feelings but yet it’s not what we’re taught.

I beg you to read on so that you can grasp what I’m saying and start the process of changing.

If you’re a mentor for young children, please read this so you can start changing the way you teach the next generation.

We’re taught that what we do or what others do to us is what causes how we feel, this is a lie.

“You’ll make grandpa sad if you don’t give him a kiss goodbye.”

“If you don’t put your toys away mommy is going to get mad.”

“He’s angry because I didn’t do what he said I should do.”

These things simply aren’t true.

If grandpa gets sad because the kids don’t give him a hug and a kiss then that’s on grandpa. IF grandpa actually does get sad  it’s only because he has a thought that creates sadness for him. The actual circumstance has nothing to do with it. Grandpa might actually be quite happy whether the kids give him a kiss or not, don’t set your kids up to learn that they actually have to do something to make someone feel loved.

If you ask your child to put their toys away and tell them that if they don’t you’re going to get mad, it’s not because they didn’t put the toys away. It’s because you have a thought that makes you mad about the fact that they didn’t do what you asked them to do, the fact is completely neutral. Getting mad and then acting out on that emotion just teaches your children that they are the manipulators of your actions. The question to ask yourself is what are you making this mean? Why do you think the kids aren’t putting their toys away? Do you think it has anything to do with you?

If your boyfriend is mad at you because you’re not doing what he thinks you should do, then what would it say about you if you did what he thinks you should do just to make him feel better? It says that you are a people pleaser because you are only doing it to make him feel better and not doing what you think you should do. Your boyfriend gets to think whatever he wants to think and if he choses a thought that makes him mad then he has just given you power over his emotions. This is none of your business and all his.

For myself, I learned at an early age to seek love outside of myself. I didn’t realize that I was love, that I had value, that I was enough so I put my love in the hands of others. How people treated me was an indicator of my lovability so I did everything I could to make sure that people liked me. This put me in such a disempowered position because if someone didn’t show me love in return then I made that mean something about me.

People are allowed to have opinions about us and what we do, their opinion doesn’t mean anything about us, unless you make it.

People get to do whatever they want to do and if it makes you feel a certain way it’s because of the thought you are having about what they are doing.

People can get mad at you because of something you do or don’t do but that is completely on them.

One thing that helped release me from resentment and anger was allowing myself to accept that people can have their own opinions and those opinions may not be the same as mine. That people may have opinions about what I do or don’t do and that it is completely ok. People can think whatever they want about me and what I’m doing but when I have confidence in myself then it doesn’t make me mad, resentful or disempowered.

One last thing I want to share is on emotional childhood.

Emotional childhood is when we blame other people for how we are feeling. Emotional childhood puts our emotions in the hands of others which is a strong motivator for me to be curious about what is happening for me.

There are a few specific situations where I still get stuck in a thought loop causing a feeling that puts me in a place of disempowerment. This is where my coach makes all of the difference. She helps me to see what is keeping me stuck, helps me wiggle out of it and sets me free to go create magic. Some situations are easier to get out of than others, thought patterns that have been with us for a while take some time to work through but taking your power back opens you up to so much more of the life you were created to live.


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