Shut up already!

Today, as I was thinking about what to write about this dollar bill I found yesterday on my run, my brain completely blew up.

It blew up when I glanced at a note I had written earlier in the day yesterday.

This is what I had written:

“Investing in yourself will always give you the best return on your money.” 

Right under the word “money” I had written the word “dollar”.

I had written this during a text conversation with a dear friend who was telling me about how he had just booked a consult call with a coach.

I had texted those words, had a mini brainstorm, and then wrote those words on a note to use later.

What I didn’t know is, later in that day I would pick up a dollar on my run.

What I didn’t know is how those words would intertwine with the rest of my day.

Friends – I had to write a blog post on all of this because what started out in my brain as a post about just that dollar bill, what it could signify and solidify a person’s belief, blew up into something so much bigger.

The original post was about belief.

The post was going to be about the power of belief NOT the power of picking up a dollar bill and then running to go buy a lottery ticket in hopes that it was a magical sign.

The post is about the true power of creating a belief that you believe in so powerfully, like your belief that the sun will come up tomorrow.

You believe it so strongly that the belief creates an emotion that drives actions of you fulfilling that belief.

You believe it so powerfully that the world brings to you proof of generating the result of that belief.

This dollar bill doesn’t just represent the value our government puts on it.

This dollar bill represents the power of my belief.

Believe it or not.

It’s your choice.

My only question is this:

What’s the upside to not believing?

A belief that you truly believe is what will produce the results of your dreams. Hard work will produce results, but without belief you will never see the fruit of true abundance of your wildest dreams.

I believe powerfully.


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