It’s not uncommon for us to be a bit unsure of who we are as an individual.

Remember Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride?

We grow up being told who we are and wonder who we are to question those opinions.

Based on the surrounding culture, we become who we think we need to be to be good employees, moms, dads, friends, and family members.

We may even attract our spouse by being the person we thought we needed to be to keep them interested in us. 

“I’ll take my eggs the way you do!”

Eventually, in our marriages, this way of being can get in the way of an intimate connection with your spouse.

This week on the AwakenYou in Your Marriage podcast, I’m diving deep into the essence of self-discovery and its profound impact on our most cherished relationships.

In a world where self-awareness is the compass guiding us toward growth, we’re here to explore:

🌱 The Journey Within: Discover how your sense of self, formed since the moment you entered this world, shapes every facet of your life.

💞 Relationship Dynamics: Uncover the untold story of how your self-concept influences your marriage, affecting not just you but your partner too.

🤔 Navigating Change: Embrace the transformative power of self-discovery, and learn how evolving into your authentic self can rejuvenate your relationship.

💪 Building Your Best Self: Gain practical insights and strategies for self-compassion, self-acceptance, and harnessing change for a stronger, happier marriage.

Life is a journey of self-discovery, and I’m here to help you navigate it with confidence and love. Tune in now to Ep 136: Who Are You? The Process of Becoming Yourself & How it Affects Your Marriage and embark on this transformative quest with me. Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and share with those who crave self-awareness and thriving relationships!

Ready to embrace the incredible power of becoming your best self? Let’s do this together!

I am a marriage coach helping women and couples turn their loveless & disconnected marriage into something better than they ever imagined possible. My process starts by helping you figure out what it is you even want in your marriage because face it, it’s been a while since you’ve dreamed of what your future could look like. Once you’ve started to open up to what is possible together we create a path towards the marriage you crave.

If you feel sad and powerless about your marriage’s state of affairs, I’d love to chat with you about how you’re feeling and what moving towards something different could look like. Book your Courageous Love Conversation Inquiry Call today, and let’s talk about how to get started. 

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