Three Steps To Building Self Trust

Today I had a consult with a woman who just couldn’t make a decision so I started asking some questions about actions she was taking, or not taking in her life. She didn’t trust her boss and then she admitted to several other people she didn’t trust, ultimately uncovering that she didn’t trust herself either. With her being able to see this she was able to see the impact of doing the work to start taking care of herself before she could really start building trust in outside relationships.

First let me suggest you read my post where I tell you one way to figure out if you trust yourself then come back to this post.

If you’ve already read that post or already have a good idea that you lack self trust, then you’re in the right place, let’s get you started on getting to a place where you can trust yourself.

Learn how to follow through on things you tell yourself you’re going to do.

This, in my opinion, is the most important one of all and the easiest to start implementing because it’s “actionable”. Here are the actions you can take to start implementing follow through:

  1. Pick something simple you want to follow through on, let’s use getting the laundry done
  2. Come up with all of the obstacles to getting that task done:
    1. I have three loads so I can’t get it all done at once
  3. Come up with the strategies to getting it done:
    1. I’m going to do it all on Saturday, spaced out
  4. Schedule:
    1. 1 block of 15 min (to separate and get first load in machine)
    2. 1 block an hour later of 15 or 30 minutes (transfer & load, 30 min if you air dry some of your laundry)
    3. 1 block an hour later of 30 min (transfer/load/hang/fold)
    4. 1 block an hour later of 30 min (transfer/load/hang/fold)
    5. 1 block an hour later of 30 min (transfer/hang/fold/put away)
    6. 1 block some other time to fold and put away hanging laundry
  5. Actually do the task when it comes up, no matter what
  6. Evaluate what worked, what didn’t work, what you’ll change next time

The more you do what you say you’re going to do the more trust you’ll build in yourself and the more self confidence you build ?

Learn how to experience any emotion.

This is a big part of what I teach. The only reason we don’t do something is because of how we think it will make us feel. Once we learn that the worst thing that can happen is an emotion then we can decide that there is nothing you can’t do. When you know that there isn’t anything that you can’t do you build trust in yourself and self confidence ?

Make a decision to change your opinion of yourself.

Once you start believing that you are good, capable, strong, worthy, competent then you will start trusting yourself. I wrote in an earlier post about how this truly can just be something you decide to do. Though your brain is going to offer you a different thought, a thought that you’ve conditioned it to think, it’s still possible to start today to change that thought into something that is actually going to serve you. Not only is this going to build trust but, yep, it’s going to build your self confidence ?

Building trust is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and for others. If you don’t fully trust yourself, be honest, who will you trust?


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