Three Reasons Why You Lack Self Confidence

I’ve always been a self help junkie.

As far back as I can remember I was learning how to exercise, meditate, eat right, but knowing what I know now I’m pretty sure it was mostly with the objective of looking the way society deemed I should look.

So I could feel acceptance.

Ok, maybe not the meditation, I think that was part of my deep desire to get connected spiritually.

Back to the feeling accepted.

This was always a struggle for me, always doing what I thought would make me fit in or be accepted.

I thought I would generate self confidence by proving myself, again to gain acceptance.

I was always looking for love from other people, by doing everything for others, until I discovered that the only true way to feel love was to start with loving myself.

As I started digging in to how to become self confident I started figuring out all of the things that I needed to start working on, let me share three of them with you:

We don’t trust ourselves.

To see if you trust yourself go read my post where I give you one simple way to see if you trust yourself and then if you want to start working on how to change that, go check out my post with three steps to start trusting yourself. We don’t know how to trust ourselves because we are unfamiliar with how to manage our mind making us feel out of control with our feelings and actions.

We are afraid to feel our emotions.

We’re afraid of not feeling loved, of being rejected, of feeling sad so we do whatever we can to get people to like us, which then makes us feel loved…IF they treat us the way we want them to treat us. We don’t know how to actually process our emotions so we just avoid them and avoid doing anything that could build our self confidence. Instead we just keep working on proving ourselves by being the best we can be at something that we deem might make us look confident.

Let me pause here to explain the difference. Confidence comes from repeatedly doing something until we do it well, this builds confidence in doing that thing. Self confidence comes from within. Self confidence is created by doing things and being willing to feel whatever emotion comes along because we are solid in our relationship with ourselves. We know that feeling humiliation is just a vibration in our body, that it won’t kill us and has nothing to do with who we are.

Low opinion of ourselves.

We just don’t think thoughts that are uplifting about ourselves. We are out there looking for it from others but we still don’t believe them. We want people to tell us how good we look yet we can’t just say “thank you” and agree with them. Instead we don’t trust them, telling ourselves they are lying to make us feel good or to get something in return.

This my friends is the opposite of self confidence.

Becoming confident in ones self is a journey that you will never regret.

Becoming self confident is COMPLETELY possible for ANYONE, no matter what lies you’ve been telling yourself your whole life.

I strongly encourage you to embark on the journey and I believe I’m the perfect person to guide you through it. I’ve traveled the road, I’ve done the work, I’ve created so much self confidence that I believe I can do anything I decide to do.

I’m out there doing it by creating it for people like you, life starts right here where self confidence begins.


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