Hello, AwakenYou listeners, and happy Tuesday! It has been a reflective week over here in my world. I am coming off of an intense beginning of April, which is also the beginning of the second quarter for any of you business-minded listeners, while I dive into my goals for this month. I am creating a course to bring live to audiences who want to learn how to change relational dynamics while also preparing to launch a deep dive into a year-long advanced relationship mentorship with my mentor and coach, Aimée Gianni which starts this coming weekend with live intimate training with a small group of outstanding coaches in Las Vegas.

So many of you have asked about how coaching can help you change your life and how your life would be better, so that’s what I am talking about this week: the value and positive outcomes of working with a marriage/love/life coach, whatever you want to call me. Let’s say it like this: a life coach specializing in bringing love, joy, playfulness, connection, and peace to your most important human relationship, the one with your spouse. Today I will share three different positive outcomes of hiring a marriage coach. Still, just like I mentioned last week in Ep 62: How To Change Your Marriage Without Changing Your Spouse, the actual positive outcomes far outweigh what I can include in this short episode.

Fully embracing YOU

This was not originally on my list of three outcomes, but as I started writing, I could not not include this one because, to me, this is the positive prize outcome above any other. Suppose you have ever felt uncomfortable in your own skin, felt like you need to agree with the crowd to fit in, and chose to run and hide from the idea of getting together with others because you fear you won’t fit in. In that case, this is the one thing that will propel you forward towards your life dreams the fastest. The freedom that will come when you feel free to shed the different costumes you don throughout your day and learn how to process the uncomfortable emotions you feel when asking questions because you don’t know what someone is talking about instead of acting as you do. Freedom to not agree with someone or not even have an opinion either way and instead connect on a deeper level by hearing more about their why. Freedom to say no to a gathering because you’re just not into it instead of saying yes and then debating over attending or not and ultimately ghosting.

The value you will get out of coaching from this one takeaway is the gold that keeps me coming back to my coaches. To dig into seeing the ways you might be abandoning yourself for the sake of what others might think, including your spouse, or to “keep the peace” will always open you up to living a life you love living.

Learning how to make ALL relationships work for you, even those you choose to “end”

Think about the top five people in your life that you have what you might call a “difficult” relationship with; maybe it’s your mom or dad, a sibling, your spouse, a child, a friend, a co-worker, or a boss. Imagine what it would feel like if someone waved a magic wand and dissolved any relational conflicts you have with these five people. How might your life feel “easier”? How might you have more time and energy to do those things you love doing by learning how to make these relationships work for you? Less overeating, or over drinking, overspending, or whatever your numbing action of choice is? Or how about the mental energy spent on thinking about how they need to change or time spent ruminating over their actions, or time spent in conversation with people you love about how awful these people are? Let go of those things, and you have magically opened up time to rest, workout, hug your spouse and children, be playful, and plan out your best life.

Being able to look at everyone with an empathetic view is a value that will come from working on only ONE of those relationships, and better yet: when you work on that relationship with yourself, whammo, you start seeing everyone else through a whole new lens.

The value of learning about emotions

Off the top, most of you might not see the value in learning about emotions and the impact they have on your life and your relationships when you start to understand their tremendous power and see how you are utilizing their power against yourself. Emotions are the fuel behind everything we do, the things we do that we love and appreciate, and the things we do that we aren’t so proud of. Better yet, once we see how these actions directly impact the results we are getting in our current life, it helps motivate us to find a better and different way.

Learning about emotions helps us become aware of common triggers to our familiar and not-so-proud responses. As we become more conscious and aware of the emotions we are feeling we start to become aware of what we need to do to start creating a new dynamic that makes us proud of how we show up, it has us planning our new responses instead of relying on deeply engrained ineffective responses. When we learn how to utilize the power of “positive” emotions and diffuse the destructive power “negative” emotions, we take our power back in all of our relationships. Then we have the power to influence others to show up differently.

There you have it, three powerfully positive outcomes you will get when you take the bold step of harnessing the power that is locked up inside of you and let it out. You will start showing up more comfortably as yourself, create new relational dynamics with all of the people in your life and learn how to use the power of emotions to move you forward instead of keeping you stuck. That value you cannot put a price on because it will pay you back in ways you never imagined, as in a love life brought back to life, a trusting relationship with yourself, and a better connection in every relationship, which might even lead you to that promotion you’ve thought you’ll never get!

If you have any questions about how to start working together, please reach out via email (christine@christinebongiovanni.com) or message me on my social channels. I would love to find time to get to know you better and discuss how you can start creating these results in your own life.

I am a marriage coach who helps women and couples go from feeling powerless to change how they feel about their marriage to feeling powerful and taking ownership of how they feel. My process isn’t about changing your partner; it’s about discovering who you are so that you can AwakenYou in your marriage, and through this process, you will begin to find that your partner will change as well! If you’re ready to take yourself to a place where you can finally fall in love with your life and your spouse, then schedule your program inquiry call today and let’s talk about the next steps to making your dream life your reality.

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