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If you have ever been asked to keep a secret, you might understand the tension that arises when you’re in conversation with someone who makes it easy for you to share the secret. We get to a pause in the conversation where we’re searching for something to contribute, and all of a sudden, that secret is the topic of discussion. It was a secret you couldn’t keep.

Our brains default to figuring out why this secret has to be kept; it is so important that we can’t stop thinking about it. In all honesty, though, the secret sharer knows it’s quite likely the person will leak the secret, and the question I pose to you is this: who is to blame when the secret gets out?

I shared that to make you think a bit about secrets, now for the secret I know you can’t keep.

If you are anything like me, you have had an inborn desire to grow, improve, be better than the day before. While on the outside, it appears as though this is actually occurring, on the inside, it feels like an ugly, hot mess, broken and unsuccessful. This is often the secret people aren’t interested in sharing with anyone, their shame around how they feel on the inside not matching up with what they are presenting on the outside.

The secret I can’t keep.

The magic of having a life coach. It is not any life coach but a life coach who uses thought work to help you see why you aren’t getting the results you want. The life coach that helps you decide what results you do want and then walks along with you as you start making those results your reality.

I recently had a life experience that was a beautiful analogy to how a life coach helps us create the love relationship that we want. I’m going to share the story with you today.

I love decorating the house for Christmas, but there is one task that I wrestle with every year, and it is putting the wreath upon the fireplace. You see, I have this piece I made several years ago that I absolutely adore; it is a simple pallet board base with a deer skull hanging in the center of it. During the holidays, I hang a wreath around the deer antlers with some whimsical decorations, but every year, I struggle to get it right. This year as I started the battle of setting up the wreath, my daughter watched from across the room. I contemplated, complained, then climbed up the ladder and attached the ribbon hanger. This handmade creation is a bit delicate; over the years, I’ve dropped the skull, the whole piece has fallen, it is uncentered, etc.; it really was a struggle.

From across the room my daughter said, “Why don’t you take the whole thing down and assemble it on the ground?”


Initially my brain wanted to defend my position, explain how I’ve been doing this for years, it’s plain difficult. Then I thought I’d take her advice. Simple. Enjoyable. Brand new. My yearly struggle with this project resolved.

It seemed brand new because it was brand new to my brain. Funny thing is, I had done it this way in the past after much struggling but all my brain could remember was the struggle. This outside observation changed my perspective around this holiday task forever.

This is the exact work I do as a coach with my clients.

I help them see what they are doing, why they are doing it, and then help them develop a brand new, easier, more productive, and much more enjoyable way giving them a result they can appreciate.

The secret my clients can’t keep.

My AwakenYou program is the secret they can’t keep. Once they complete the program, there is a confidence in themselves that they can’t help but share. The transformation they have achieved to create the marriage relationship they dream of makes them so happy that they can’t keep it to themselves. They share it with their girlfriends, guy friends, family, and anyone who will listen because she wants everyone to know that if she can change her life, so can you!

Once introduced to the concepts I share in my program, we can’t help but notice how they will help our friends. We’ve found the only tools/techniques that actually have had a lasting effect on our love relationship. We feel so good, even while we continue creating our best romantic relationship, because we know that things will keep getting better and better if we continue to do the work.

We end up becoming the friend that helps others discover the key to unlocking love again in their marriage.

Maybe you will be the one who passes on the key of personal relationship freedom to the world around you. As women, we love helping others feel good; we love helping others solve their problems; I want to show you how to do this in your life so you too can share your secret to a lasting love relationship.

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I am a life coach working with individuals looking to change their current or future romantic relationship – my Awaken(YourTrue)You 1:1 coaching program helps you discover that you are enough. This self-love empowers and equips you to take continual, forward steps in achieving the healthy, romantic relationship you desire. I’d love to talk with you about my process and welcome you to our community, book a program inquiry call today and let’s discuss your future romantic goals.

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