How To Resolve Goal Failure

I’m going to start this out with complete honesty.

The very BEST way to resolve goal failure is to hire a coach who guides you into changing how you think, not an action based coach.

Without deviating too much off of the topic, an action based coach is a coach that tells you what actions you need to take to move forward. This might work for a while but in the long run, you have to have the right mindset to continue the process. Once you leave that coach and haven’t worked on the root of why you’re not doing what you want to do, then you haven’t changed your brain.

Which means you will go right back to your old way of thinking.

Working with a life coach that works with changing the way you think about things, a coach that teaches you why those thoughts have you showing up the way you do, is life changing.

You will not only start achieving your set goals, you will also start re-wiring how your brain thinks, which means you start changing who you are.

It allows you to fully design the life of your dreams, the life you were created to live.

BUT, until then I want to share some steps for you to start stepping closer to the goals you want to achieve in this life.

Choose only ONE goal to focus on.

Most of you are going to argue with this step.

I argued with this step until I decided to stick absolutely to what my coach was teaching me.

One goal at a time I have moved further ahead in one year than ever, easily quadrupled any goals achieved in any year before this in my life. When I look back at goals in previous years they are very “fuzzy” meaning I never really had a specific goal, goal attainment date or process, I just relied on luck basically and, at a snails pace, maybe improved on a few of them.

Mostly I just gave up, went on with day to day living and just accepted mediocre as the norm.

Put all your energy into on goal, conquer it, move on to the next.


An unplanned goal is a failed goal.

Just like I said in the first step, when you’re not specific about what you want and don’t dial down a plan to learn when you fail, then you really are just failing ahead of time.

Manage your mind.

What happens when the excitement wears off? When the appeal of a new magical program wears off?

You have to manage your mind.

You have to know that your brain is going to tell you this is a bad idea, I mean look at all the evidence you’ve produced that this isn’t going to work.

This is how our brain works.

It wants you to stay in the comfort zone, it wants you to stay comfortable, it recognizes the discomfort of having to push through even when you don’t feel like it as danger.

We are no longer in danger my friends.

Feel the discomfort, re-wire your brain by allowing the discomfort and doing it anyway.

This is where the thought model comes in. Super helpful, go give it a shot.

Periodically evaluate your progress.

Evaluation is what allows us to stay in the game.

We can look at what has been working really well, write it down. Learn from it.

We can look at what hasn’t been working, write it down. Learn from it.

Then we can look at what we might do differently to achieve greater success and keep moving forward. Write it down, stick it on your mirror and learn how to keep moving forward.

This process is going to keep you learning new and exciting ways to succeed with what is important in your life.

I’d love to help show you how this process is different from anything you’ve ever tried and have you experience first hand how life can be so much different than you ever imagined. I can’t wait!


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What Is Your Superpower?

First of all, I just want to tell you how passionate I am about the power of asking positive questions.

Most of us don’t ask questions that help our brains start looking for answers. Instead we stay stuck in confusion, telling ourselves we don’t know the answers.

One of my favorite questions to ask myself is “What would you do if you knew the answer, if you knew what to do?”

Then the brain starts searching, it starts doing it’s job.

So I ask the question and watch the brain start spitting out answers, sometimes I even just guess! It doesn’t matter, you just want your brain to get moving forward.

Now, back to the topic, what is your superpower, your inner genius?

This question came to me yesterday while I was walking Zeta. I noticed my brain wanted to seize up, it wanted to tell me that I didn’t have a superpower. Then I asked it the above question, “But what if you knew?”

All of a sudden my brain started spewing out data and I realized what my superpower is. My superpower is figuring things out. I love figuring things out and I’m really good at it, even better when I believe that it’s my superpower!

When I allowed myself to find examples of this my brain was a bit slow at the get go but as it picked up speed I just kept coming up with more evidence of my superpower. Even today my brain is giving me more evidence, I love it!

The reason this is so important for you, and me, is that this is a secret to seeing all of your past successes.

You will start to see your superpower to do things in your life, and in the lives of others.

You can then look at your current life to see if you are utilizing your superpower to it’s fullest ability.

Most often we are not.

At this point we can start being curious about unleashing this superpower – what would that look like in your life?

Lastly, you can start asking how you can optimize that superpower in your future.

How will your superpower allow you to actualize your most successful self who daily lives out their life fulfilling purpose?


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This is my life, join me in my mission to save the world, one powerful woman at a time.