Why Rewriting Your Past Will Light Up Your Future

Why Rewriting Your Past Will Light Up Your Future | Relationship Coach

We all have our stories to tell.

Most of our stories are about our past.

Childhood • middle age • teenage • young adult • adult • first marriage • last boyfriend • first job • this job • last year • last week • yesterday • this morning.

We’re not telling stories of the abundance we will be creating in the future.

Most of our stories are about what went wrong in our past lives.

Our brains are always on the search for what is wrong, it’s always wanting to protect us, keep us from danger. That’s it’s a job.

This is great for when we might be in some sort of danger, which is rare in our modern world, but it’s not great when it pertains to our past.

For many of us, our past life story is full of regret, resentment, and blame. We are completely unaware of how damaging this is to our future life story.

For many of us, our past life story is full of beauty, uniqueness, perfection.

We aren’t seeing it.

For me this was very much the case, I spent most of my time really thinking backward. I was often dwelling on what happened yesterday and though, while I was also looking forward I was looking back to determine how to move forward.

Yes, I was living a life of abundance, goodness, beautiful richness yet I wasn’t actually living it.

I was using my past to determine how to create my future.

If we are only seeing what went wrong in our past it won’t allow us to truly see the full potential of what is available in our future.

Each and every time we tell that story of how we were taken advantage of, of how we were wronged, of how we made poor choices, it reinforces that neurological pathway of negativity, of failure. Every time we relive the hurt it keeps us living in that pool of negative emotion, dragging us down, deepening the pain.

The opposite of what we want happens. We desperately want the story to change but by reliving it we just keep bringing it closer, allowing it to continue to beat us up. Allowing it to continue to tell us how unworthy we truly are.

Let me tell you something that is going to change your life forever if you choose to believe it.

You can change your story. Forever.

Your past is behind you and it happened perfectly.

I know this because it happened.

You could attempt to just forget your past life story but I want to warn you to be very careful if you choose to take this route. Be very careful that you are allowing the story to just be and not trying to burying it, resist it, only for it to re-surface with a mean, ugly vengeance.

This is what I had tried to do. I used all sorts of buffering activities to do this. Do you know what happened? I just hurt myself more and my story just kept coming back.

Do you know why the story kept coming back? Because I kept bringing it back. Truth is that every time I brought the past into my present by telling the story, it hurt more than the original story. Some of my stories I remember not even hurting me at the time. Stories where I didn’t truly realize what was happening, too young to even understand. It’s when I retold the story, from a place of judgment, that the story truly started to hurt.

The best thing I’ve done, and the best thing you can do for yourself, is to re-write the story so that it makes you the hero.

What amazing things have happened because you survived powerfully through that story?

What amazing things have you accomplished because you won in that story?

How has that story made you better equipped to handle your current life story?

How can you look at the people in your story from their lens, from their hurts, from their past life story?

When we’re able to re-write our past as the hero, not the victim, it allows us to set it free.

When we’re able to see how perfectly our past truly was, what opportunities it brings us, we are able to see ourselves as who we were perfectly created to be and perfectly shaped to be.

Today we get to step into the future of opportunity, not a future held back by the weight of our past.

When we see how much our past has molded us into a beautiful instrument of intricacies with the potential to create an impact beyond our dreams.

That’s when life begins brand new.

If you’re living a life of regret and resentment, unable to set it free. If you find yourself unable to let go of the power someone from your past is having in your life today then I want you to know that there is hope. You can rewrite your past. Your story is beautiful, tell it the way that will move you into the life you were perfectly designed to live.

You can’t build your legacy while holding on tight to your past life story.

My mission is to show you how to become the hero of your story. Let’s start the editing today, and if you’re ready I wrote this post to help you get started and if you want to learn how crucial it is to do this work in order to create the love relationship you desire then please check this article out.


I am a life coach who works with individuals looking to change their current or future romantic relationship – my program helps them discover that they are enough. This self-love empowers and equips them to take continual, forward steps in achieving the healthy, romantic relationship they desire. Are you ready to explore this journey in your life? Schedule your program inquiry call today and let’s decide together if this is your next step to creating the life you’ve been dreaming of.

Three Steps To Changing Your Past Life Story

Three Steps to Changing Your Past Life Story | Relationship Coach

My personal transformation process really started to kick in when I finally decided I was tired of hiding and tired of fighting with my past life story. Check out this article I wrote about how freeing this process is.

There was definitely plenty of transformation going on prior to that, the biggest transformation happening when I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior.  So many beautiful things happened after this point in my life but, as we humans like to do, I continued to hold on to past regret, resentment, and disappointment. Though I knew that I had been washed clean I still had a practice of rehashing my past, blaming others and myself for things I had done wrong.

Then I found The Life Coach School where my Master Coach Brooke Castillo literally changed my brain around the past. She helped me to clearly see how this energy I was spending was affecting my life. Her teachings helped me to see that my past was perfect, it happened, it can’t be changed, and how I was giving so many other people power over my current life.

Then through the teachings of Rick Warren in The Purpose Driven Life, it truly sank in how I was perfectly imagined even before I was placed in the womb of my mother. How He knew everything I would do before I had done it, how He had allowed it all.

As I do this work, continuing to peel the layers back, I clearly see how I didn’t understand my worth. How I made some poor choices because I didn’t matter to me. What truly matters is that He knew my worth and He covered my poor choices in love and protection.

He saw way more in me than I saw in myself.

Step one is truly understanding your worth.

You are worthy, no matter what. No matter what you’ve done. No matter what anyone has done to you. No matter what anyone else tells you. No matter what you tell yourself.

Everyone is worthy.

Anything else is a lie.

Step two is understanding that your past is perfect.

I know this seems like a hard lump for some of you to swallow but please stay with me.

You cannot change your past, no matter how long you argue with it, it will never change.

The only thing that you can change is how you think about it. When I realized the energy I was spending on my past and how it was taking so much away from what I could build in my present and future, the light bulb went out.

Yes. I said out. I turned the light out that I was shining on pieces of my past. Yes, I do continue to turn that light on but less often and when I do turn it on I am starting to see something different. I am starting to see a beautiful young girl trying to find her way in this world.

I see people in that beautiful girl’s life who also was hurt and struggling with their own life stories.

I have taken the power I was giving to other people back for myself. I am using all of that extra power to build a crazy good life for myself and the people in it. I am sharing this work with other beautiful women like myself, which makes my heart full and I believe that makes the heart of Jesus full as well.

Step three is to start sorting through the past life events that cause you pain.

One of the first things I did was to sit down and write my life story, which in itself was cleansing. Then really start recreating the story, notice how we are laser-focused on certain details in the story, completely forgetting other details. Notice how other people may actually tell the same story differently, we all take different pieces away from the exact same situation.

Here is a process that can be helpful for you:

  1. Write about that event.
  2. Write your current story about that event.
  3. Write down the facts of that event.
  4. Write down the story that you really want to tell yourself about what this particular event means.
  5. Write down what you want to keep from this event, something that is powerful and strengthening.
  6. Write down what you can now let go of from this story.

For some of our most painful experiences, this may be a process that you will want to do multiple times until your new story is true and your old story has been released.

As I do this work some of what I wrote at the beginning of this post was a recent breakthrough: that God saw more in me than I saw in myself.

This makes me strong.

This makes me grateful.

This makes me overcome.

If you’re ready to start re-writing your past life story and taking the massive action of moving into a future where you are all in and in love with life then getting over your past is a perfect place to start!


I am a life coach who works with individuals looking to change their current or future romantic relationship – my program helps them discover that they are enough. This self-love empowers and equips them to take continual, forward steps in achieving the healthy, romantic relationship they desire. Are you ready to explore this journey in your life? Schedule your program inquiry call today and let’s decide together if this is your next step to creating the life you’ve been dreaming of.

Five Reasons Why Your Transformation Journey Isn’t Working

I coach women who want to transform their lives, women who want to achieve what seems impossible, women who want to send their careers soaring while having fun doing it.

I coach women change their story line from being the victim to being the hero.

Watching this journey is incredibly beautiful, like watching tightly bound peony bud blossom into full bloom, magical.

Though the journey is magical to watch it isn’t without it’s struggles. The process of changing deeply engrained patterns of the mind isn’t something you do with ease, it takes strength and persistence.

All of the years I worked with athletes I could tell the difference between those who would succeed in their goals and those who wouldn’t. The beautiful thing about what I do now is that I actually coach people on why they aren’t succeeding so even when they don’t succeed their brain still changes, even if it’s just a bit.

You have to be committed to doing the work to get the expected results. If you do some of the work you will see some results, they will come slower than when you take massive action and do all of the work. When you take massive action and do all of the work you will see massive results, guaranteed.

 Let’s get into some of the reasons your journey to becoming your next best version of you may not be working so that you can do some honest evaluation and, if you’re up for the work, start moving forward to your new amazing life.

You don’t believe this will work.

This is typically the first problem. This work is different from anything else you’ve ever done, it seems counterintuitive and a bit of what I call “mind bendy”.

This is because we have been thinking a certain way for most of our lives, changing those patterns takes work and repetition. Your brain is going to want to tell you that it’s not working, that you should just do what you’ve always done, it doesn’t like change.

You can tell your brain to chill, that this is all going to be ok and that you are re-creating your beautiful you.

You’re striving for perfection.

Perfection my friend will stop you from creating your dreams all day long.

Perfectionists are liars, there is no such thing so stop it now and stop telling everyone you’re a perfectionist. It’s not something to be proud of.

Tell yourself that you will strive for 80% work, B+ work. This will get you moving forward and allow you to just do what it is you said you were going to do without the fear of it not being perfect. Just get it done and if you have time, go back and work on doing another 80% on your first 80%!

You’re not fully applying the techniques.

This is like those clients I had that weren’t fully successful in their health and wellness goals. They thought that taking the step of hiring a coach was going to create the results and then they would let themselves down by not applying the work. This doesn’t work.

This was what I did in the beginning of hearing the techniques I used to create my own personal freedom. I consumed the information but didn’t fully apply them. I kind of applied them but when I liked enough of what I had been hearing I hired a coach and applied everything she taught me.

Funny, I saw massive results.

You’re not evaluating your progress.

This is one of the most important things I have learned how to do and have honored myself in doing. Sometimes I don’t want to do this, I think it’s going to take too much time, but seeing how far we’ve come is so important.

Our brain wants to continue to tell us that we still aren’t good enough, that we still are not perfect, that we should just give up, go sit on the couch and eat chocolate.

Our brain is funny like that. It really wants to protect us but if we aren’t fully aware of what it’s doing it will keep us from moving forward.

You’re making your fails mean that it’s not working instead of using your fails as learning experiences that will move you forward.

You can make failing whatever you want it to mean and again, the brain really wants to just protect you from hurting yourself.

Failure is ok, it doesn’t mean anything about you and your worth but I imagine that most of your life that is what you’ve made it mean.

Now you are doing the work to change that, you are doing the work of changing your brain and telling it that failure is just information. Let me say that again.

Failure is just information along the way to your success. It’s data for you to analyze and to use to figure out what went wrong so you can work on what you will do next time.

I believe in you friend. I know you can do this.

You are one strong woman out there doing amazing things in the world.

I know you have the capability to do more but not just do more, but to do more and to have fun doing it!


My Awaken(TheTrue)You program is for strong, success driven women who want to discover their true self, discover the missing key, find their purpose and then start building a legacy from pure power. I have made it may mission to show you how.

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