The One Tool To Help Your Relationship

The Thought Model And Your Relationship

Are you tired of the negative thought patterns?

Tired of your brain winning out over your goals to not eat cake?

Tired of feeling at the effect of how other people show up in your life?

So was I and I am on a mission to share how I broke free from myself and took control of my brain.

I first heard about this tool from my Master Coach instructor Brooke Castillo while listening to her podcasts. I heard her talk about it multiple times and basically conceptualized the tool but hadn’t done the work to actually apply it.

You see, I had gotten to a point in my life where I was tired.

I was tired of creating a facade,  of living a different life out in the world from what I lived in private.

I was tired of not just letting go of my past life story and being me, in every life situation.

I was tired of feeling empty.

I was tired of the hate relationship I had with my body.

I was tired of putting my emotions in the hands of others.

So I started the journey by first finding a therapist.

That was ok. Let’s just say it got me moving forward and allowed me to start focusing within.

My therapist wasn’t on board with the teachings of The Life Coach School but they seemed to resonate and move me into action way more than anything else I was doing. So I started applying what I was hearing instead of just consuming the information.

The first place I started was with this tool I had heard so much about but just couldn’t seem to grasp.

I couldn’t grasp it because I wasn’t actually using it.

This may not be news to you but when you buy all of the tools and supplies that the YouTube video says you need to fix your leaky faucet, you actually need to learn how to use the tools first. The leaky faucet doesn’t just fix itself by you watching the video and having the correct tools.

I know, mind blown.

Let me introduce to you:

The Thought Model

The thought model consists of five components and it is the foundation of everything I teach my clients. It is one of the first things I teach as well as the first work they start doing, daily, to help them understand how to make themselves achieve anything they desire in their life.

They use it to learn how to create a new, amazing relationship with themselves so they can learn how to blow their own mind.

Here it is in a nutshell:

Circumstances are the facts around the problem you are experiencing.

Thoughts are the thoughts you are thinking about your circumstance.

Feelings are caused by our thoughts.

Actions are what we do based on the emotion that thought creates for us.

Results are the result of the actions we take based on the feeling the thought generates, and our result is always a direct reflection of the thought we are having about our particular circumstance.

You might be asking how this tool can create the life of your dreams.

First, I suggest you just trust me.

Second, I suggest you try utilizing it.

Third, let me explain just a bit.

You see, when we can see the result of the thoughts we are thinking about our particular circumstance, it gives us a clearer picture of our current results and why we are getting them, this is called our unintentional model.

This itself will get the brain to start becoming more aware and willing to see the truth of your problem, then it can start coming up with possible solutions.

The other part I haven’t told you yet is that from here we can then create what we call an intentional model. Though awareness is where I ask my clients to sit in for a bit before they try to change their situation, there is the ability to fast forward into what we call an intentional model, a place where we really want to be in our life but feel like it’s completely impossible.

I have news for you, it is completely possible.

The place between where we are now and where we want to be is often called the River Of Misery, it’s the hard work we do to overcome our brain and get to the other side, our intentional model.

For my clients, the other side of the river is where they are the hero in their life. Where they get to start achieving their impossible. Where they actually start to end the closing of the door to themselves and learn how to open that door. They learn how to throw that door wide open and let it flood them with the beauty of their intended beautiful life.

It allows them to open the door to freedom.

I have a simple model document that breaks down the model and it’s components in more detail and I would love to share with you. All you need to do is send me an email and I’ll get it off to you so you can start applying this tool in your own life.

If this sounds like something you’d love to explore for yourself or if you know someone who might want to hear this information then I’d to chat. I do free consults for people who want to break free from themselves and start living life on purpose.

You deserve this, my friend, let me show you how to be the hero of your life story.


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