Today I have a personal success to share with you, not to brag but to show you how powerful this work that I am doing can be in a person’s life.

This week I had a major shift, an ahh haa moment.

Let me share it with you.

I first want to start with how defeat, the winning kind of course, USED to feel like for me (and if you want to read about both kinds of defeat go read yesterday’s post).


Like the world just stopped spinning, amazing!

You know why?

It’s because I would have a thought along the lines of “WHAT?!? Like, what just happened?!?”

Basically it was amazing as in exciting, but also with a whole lot of surprise, like “Did that REALLY just happen?!?”

Don’t get me wrong, with most things, like in my bodybuilding career, I am a hard worker and when I set (some) goals, I went out and got it.


When we set out to achieve goals from a place of not loving ourselves, with lack of self confidence, while living a facade, we are truly just throwing the dice and hoping for the best.

Of course the other sort of defeat, the losing sort, would always feel a bit awful, which was all about me and my inability, my unworthiness.

Fast forward to two years post life coaching, let me tell you that now BOTH defeats sort of feel the same ?.

Let me explain and share this week’s recently observed transformation.

Thirty two days ago I set out on a journey to check off a requirement I have as I work on launching my life coaching business this year.

That task was to write thirty blog posts in thirty days.

I had several thoughts about this task and of course I’ll share a few:

  • “This might be hard”
  • “This could be fun.”
  • “I might not be able to do this.”

Then as I got closer to finishing:

  • “This is easy.”
  • “I can’t wait until this is over”
  • “This is so hard.”
  • “I can’t wait for this to be over and to CELEBRATE this milestone.”

Then as the thirty days approached I felt like every other day (well, almost every day): accomplished,  proud, successful.

I kept waiting for the fireworks.

Then day thirty one came and it was just another day…

I even wrote another blog post…

I asked myself what was happening here? Am I depressed? Did my brain forget to throw myself a party?

Why doesn’t this defeat make me want to party???

Let me tell you why my friends; because I never doubted myself.


From a place of complete, utter self love and self confidence I did the work.

I enjoyed the work.

I believed in myself, did it and moved on to the next goal on the list.

This my friends, is what I want for you as well, the self confidence to know that you can do whatever it is you set out to do and then be on to the next like it’s no big deal.

Like it was totally supposed to happen.

With no surprise, it’s just what is in your life, you love yourself and trust that you will do what it takes to make it all come together.

When this happens for you, that is when you will start manifesting your purpose.

Every day.



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