Did you know that I host four retreats a year?

If you didn’t know this there’s probably a good reason and it has to do with my own fear and insecurities. This is going to be fun, let’s dive in!!

First let me start with the definition of retreat.

Retreat: to withdraw from enemy forces; an act of moving back or withdrawing.

I didn’t actually look up the definition of retreat until after my second round and it brought tears to my eyes. You see, I had been struggling with exactly what this retreat would look like, I was afraid, but after reading some definitions I discovered it is exactly what I wanted to create. I wanted to create a safe, comfortable space for women to withdraw to, it needed to include some fun, some community, some quiet alone time and definitely needed to include lots of Mother Nature.

It would require that women come and also have fun, do things they’ve never done before. It would require that they hold fear loosely in their hand but grab on securely to self confidence allowing the fear to slip away.

About one month ago I hosted my first retreat where I had a full group, Summer Retreat Two, full meaning four total, including myself. It was incredible.

This first year of hosting retreats is a year of exploration and today I want to share about my vision.

My vision right now is a bit, should I say, unclear. One year ago, while spending quiet time at my favorite summer retreat location, it was put on my heart to bring other women to a place of retreat.

I used to question thoughts like this because I never trusted myself enough to believe that God would speak to me or that I trusted it was from God and not just my crazy brain coming up with even more crazy ideas.

If you’ve been following me here for a while you know that I take my quiet time seriously. I listen to what God has to tell me through The Holy Spirit, and I’ve learned to trust what I have been asked to do and to move forward.

For most of my life if I “heard” something I ignored it as my crazy brain. I now trust that voice.

But there’s a few more things that I now better understand and trust.

I better understand that if I don’t obey more won’t be given. If I ignore God’s direction and choose my own I’m not listening, which means I won’t hear, which means I won’t be directed.

I also better understand and trust that if it wasn’t from Him that when I face fear with my self confidence and step into action of fulfillment of the dream or direction I hear, that I will be directed to the correct pathway.

If I have a vision and I don’t take bold steps forward, I’ll never know if it was meant to be or not.

If I believe hard enough and boldly step forward I now trust that my directions will come. If what I thought I heard was completely off I will be re-directed and more evolved than if I hadn’t.

If I believe hard enough and overcome my fear with self confidence and trust, I will be shown the truth.

Today during my quiet time I was shown direction, which further solidified my belief that this retreat is right. Further proof that if I boldly, or not so boldly, move forward, that I will be guided.

Today is Freedom Friday and my quiet time brought me to Mark 6:31b where Jesus said “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.”

I hope you’ll consider joining me, it is invitation only meaning I am only inviting three people so message me if you’re interested!


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