Todayโ€™s guest is Monaye Marcia of Monaye Marcia Coaching. Coach Monaye teaches her clients how to create a post traumatic growth mindset. This mindset is a positive psychological change born out of a stressful or traumatic circumstance. Achievement of this mindset not only helps her clients manage their trauma; they actually thrive and grow because of it.
Monaye coaches for The Divinity House, a trauma-informed re-entry home for formerly incarcerated women. She also is a founding member of The Coaches of Color Collective, a monthly roundtable that focuses on strengthening the black community by empowering their minds.ย Monaye also enjoys soaking up the sun in Nevada with her two children.

Listen in as this beautiful soul shares her journey into life coaching and how she helps the people she serves, enjoy!

Thank you so much for listening! Here is how you can find Monaye and the resources that she shared:

Monaye Marcia Coaching (webpage)



Free course: Post-Traumatic Growth Mindset Formula

Book recommendation: One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish


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