Welcome to my first interviews with experts! My journey of curating value for my audience has been a beautiful journey of self-growth. Last month I started thinking about how I could provide all of you with more value and here we are, every last Tuesday of the month I will be bringing you an expert in the field of mental health. We all have different journeys, each bringing us our own set of obstacles and my hope is that these guest experts will help you reach out and find the help you are looking for.

Todayโ€™s guest is Phoebe Grace of Overcoming With Grace. Phoebe has been married for 11 years with 2 beautiful kids and a Labrador. She loves working with women to help them overcome some of life’s greatest pains, so they can feel free, worthy, and loved. She is passionate about helping them LIVE when they feel like life isnโ€™t worth living anymore because of all the pain. Phoebe also spends her time with Jesus, her family, listening to music, eating delicious food, and watching with her hubby.

Listen in as this beautiful soul shares her journey into life coaching and how she helps the women she serves, enjoy!

Thank you so much for listening! Here is how you can find Phoebe and the resources that she shared:

Overcoming With Grace (webpage)



Resources Phoebe shared:


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