You are the cause of your pain.

Other people just do things that you have a thought about and that thought causes you pain.

You may think this is the worst news ever.

You are 100% wrong.

The truth is that when we start to learn how to let others be themselves and not allow it to hurt us, that’s when we start living our happiest life.

Let me share some pain creating thoughts you might have about other people in your life:

  • She should call me back, or text me back, when I call her, or text her.
  • He should tell me he loves me.
  • She should invite me to her party.
  • He should know what I want under the tree.
  • She should write me a thank you note.
  • He shouldn’t watch so much TV.
  • She shouldn’t be late.
  • He should provide emotional support.

We can give our power over to others by allowing their actions, or inactions, to create pain for us.

Typically the other person is completely unaware of the pain you are feeling.

You aren’t punishing them with your actions, you’re only punishing yourself.

When we expect others to act in a certain way to make us feel better it leaves us powerless.

It means other people have to act a certain way for us to feel happiness.

When we expect others to act a certain way, then we have what I call a manual for these people, you can go read this post to find out what a manual is.

I encourage you to explore why you want people to act differently.

I want to encourage you to not make your life about the way you believe you’re entitled to be treated.

I want to encourage you to only be entitled to taking care of your own emotional life and your own brain and to make sure that you’re thinking thoughts that serve you.


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