One Thing You Can Do Today To End Negative Body Image Self Talk

Let me tell you a little secret.

It’s been almost a year since I’ve looked in the mirror and didn’t like what I saw.

Most of my life I have done everything I could to change what I thought was unacceptable about myself.

I exercised.

Educated myself.

I learned how to eat right.

I read self help books.

I learned the latest and greatest makeup tricks.

You know what? None of it mattered. I could always find something negative about myself.

I was never good enough, no matter what anyone else told be, they were all liars.

What changed?

I told myself enough was enough.

I told myself that if God created me exactly the way He did, then it was time to stop arguing with reality and start taking the steps of falling in love with myself.

This might be one of the most difficult things I’ve done in my life, and I’ve overcome some pretty rough obstacles, but it has definitely been the second best thing I’ve done in my life, right after accepting Jesus as my Savior.

Now it’s my mission to help you do the same so let me share my one tip to get you started.

Just decide.

This may make you mad.

This might not be the magic answer you were looking for.

This though IS the magic answer because my guess is that you’ve never really tried.

You see you have conditioned yourself to believe, one thought at a time, that this isn’t true. That you are not enough. That you just haven’t gotten to the right weight. That you haven’t found the right diet. That you haven’t found the right esthetician. That you haven’t found the right product or the right supplement.

Today I suggest that you start noticing your negative self talk.

That is the first step:


Start becoming aware of every time you say something negative about yourself.

I suggest you start a note on your phone and write down every time you tell yourself that you hate your hair, hate your butt, hate your lips, hate your posture, hate your face, hate your body.

Then decide that you won’t allow this any more.

Find a bridge thought.

You are absolutely correct. You cannot go from “I hate my body.” to “I am absolutely beautiful.”, that is why I suggest you start with a bridge thought.

A bridge thought is the first step to crossing the river over to the other side. From where you are right now to the other side where you love everything about yourself.

Possibly that thought is:

“I am becoming the person who loves myself.”

“I might be wrong about myself.”

“Someday I will be able to love myself.”

“I am open to the idea that I am fully beautiful.”

“It’s possible that I am perfectly created and wonderful.”

Give it a try. Take the steps and please let me know how it feels.

Be open to the change my friend, take it from a former self hater, the result is worth the work.


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