One Simple Way To See If You Trust Yourself

Most of my clients who struggle with low self esteem really think that they trust ourselves, like in the way that we will always be there for ourselves because there isn’t anyone else out there we can trust, until I ask them the following question.

Today I want to challenge that thought.

I want you to find out the truth, I want you to discover if you really do trust yourself.

Or not.

Ask yourself how many times per week you do what you told yourself you would do.

Maybe just ask yourself about today. How many times today did you follow through and do what you told yourself you were going to do?

“I’m going to eat ‘healthy’ today.”

“I’m not going to have a drink tonight.”

“I’ll call so and so after work.”

“Tonight I’ll clean that closet.”

How many times have you carried over that one task that you have been telling yourself to do for ummm, a month, maybe even longer?

Let me do a bit of a confession as I type, I have one task I’ve been ignoring for oh, maybe six months now (dentist appointment – it’s a long story but it has something to do with a switch in insurance – no excuses, I know). Done.

So, thank you for making me accountable but let’s go back to the point. The point is that if you tell yourself to do something and you consistently let yourself down you have set a pattern for yourself of assuming that you’re going to let yourself down.

I mean let’s look at that friend of yours who is consistently late to Gfriend dates, maybe even doesn’t show up, do you trust her to show up on time?

Look at yourself honestly and then decide if you like not trusting yourself.

I didn’t like it so I decided to change it, more on that tomorrow!


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