My One Best Tip To Loving Yourself

Here it is, are you ready? Just decide.

I see you shaking your head and rolling your eyes, all mad at me for the worst piece of advice ever, but before you click off the page, please read on because this short article might just change your life.

It really is just a decision, I’m not saying it’s something you decide today and life goes on to a happily ever after, but what I am saying is you get to decide whether you want to love yourself or not.

This in of itself, was truly magic for me once I allowed it to really sink in. You see, I had never been taught that this was even available for me, or if it had I most certainly was absent on that day of class.

The reason you feel like you can’t move forward with that decision is because of your brain. Your brain likes to keep things simple. You have ran a series of thoughts for so long in your life that they have become deeply engrained neurological pathways. Sort of like walking. There was a time when you didn’t know how to walk, it was difficult, you fell down a lot, now you no longer have to be deliberate about taking steps, it’s committed to our primitive brain.

Same with those thoughts like:

“I’m fat.”

“I’m stupid.”

“I’m not good enough to do such and such.”

Insert your own negative mantra.

They may seem harmless, I hear you say it like you’re reporting the weather. These are thoughts you’ve had for so many years they’ve become habit. The work to change those neurological paths will need to be deliberate and it starts with making a choice today to start a new mantra.

The beginning is going to be rough, your brain is going to argue with you. It’s going to tell you that you’re a liar, that you don’t know what you’re talking about, that you’re just talking nonsense, I mean really? Did you look in the mirror today?

What I teach my clients is how to unlearn everything they have taught themselves about themselves.

I teach them how to start trusting themselves.

I teach them how to start saying positive things to themselves and change these new thoughts to absolute truths.

I teach them how to find love from within and how to stop trying to manipulate others so that they can feel love.

Love starts with you my friend and it’s just a choice you get to make.

Will you chose love or will you continue the hate?

If you are running a continual thought loop of how you’re not good enough then I would love to start the conversation with you about how my program can turn your life around. I see how wildly successful you are, now imagine actually enjoying this life of success that you’ve created. Book your consult today, I can’t wait to watch your life take off! My One Best Tip To Loving Yourself


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