Susan Scollen is a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, and Life Coach. After giving birth to her beautiful son Teddy in November 2013, she quickly found herself in a big black hole of post-natal depression. Susan did the work to get well without a diagnosis or medication. In 2020, as she was moving interstate, she realized she’d gone from a life she hated to one she absolutely loved. Susan is living her Soul Life and she partners with people to create their Soul Life, exactly as they define it, to live happier, healthier, and aligned lives.



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In these Marriage Success Story episodes, I hope to share other people’s marriage journeys in an effort to inspire you into believing that the marriage you dream of, the marriage that seems impossible and so far away, is actually possible. Everyone’s journey is different but through talking about our stories we release what holds us back while passing that energy on to others so they can heal their own relationship. Love is possible and let Susan’s story help bring you hope for something different!

I am a marriage coach who helps women and couples go from feeling powerless to change how they feel about their marriage to feeling powerful and taking ownership of how they feel. My process isn’t about changing your partner; it’s about discovering who you are so that you can AwakenYou in your marriage, and through this process, you will begin to find that your partner will change as well! Schedule your free mini-coaching session today to discover how coaching can help you take your next steps forward toward what you want in your marriage.

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