Today’s guest is my friend and fellow coach Andrea Giles of Andrea Giles Coaching. Andrea is a Certified Life Coach who works with women stuck in the after-effects of marital infidelity. She coaches from experience. Her passion for helping women discover the peace she’s found drives her coaching. Andrea’s clients learn to work through painful emotions. They learn to tell the truth (especially to themselves.) They find the courage to go after what they want. They take control of their life. They move on.

When Andrea’s not coaching, you’ll find her enjoying the simple things in life. She loves to read, kayak on the river in her back yard, play games with her husband and kids, and snuggle her two grandsons. Andrea is now married to a widower, and they have 11 children between them. Her journey from “there” to here is an inspiring one. She’s created powerful healing for herself and wants the same for her clients.

Listen in as this beautiful soul shares her journey into life coaching and how she helps the people she serves, enjoy!

You can find her on her website: Andrea Giles Coaching



Heal from Infidelity podcast

Book recommendations:

Dance of Anger by Harriet Lerner

The Passionate Marriage by David Schnarch


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