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Lately, I have played with the consequences and benefits of loving without limits, and through this play, I have discovered new ways I want to think about how I love. I wondered what it might look like to love without limits in my own life and how I can continue to keep stepping closer to this reality.

Today as I write this post and reflect on the past three weeks of my life, I contemplate much. The events that have unfolded since Christmas of 2020 until this moment are all now written in the books of our life, but as I walked through these past days, nothing at all was certain except for one thing: uncertainty.

Certainty and expected uncertainty are definite upcoming topics wrapped up in my learning over the past three weeks. Still, today I will be sharing what these days have taught me about loving without limits.

These past three weeks have brought a laundry list of emotions ending by going through the depths of pain felt in the loss of what we call “man’s best friend.” I have experienced the loss of many pets in my adult life and every time marveled at the depth of pain I experience in these losses.

This latest loss I experienced somewhat second hand because it was my daughter’s dog, Luna, we lost during a period where Shandi lived with us. During this experience, I spent many moments being the watcher to step out of my emotional state and hold more understanding, empathy, and compassion as the experience unfolded.

In this experience, I was able to feel my own pain and step back to understand how Shandi’s heart was being squeezed dry as she did everything within her power to do what was best for Luna.

Here is the gold nugget I rescued about loving without limits and a dog named Luna.

The pain we experience in our loss is directly connected to how much we loved.

Our pets love us unconditionally.

They desperately want us to pause, look in their eyes, and be fully present with themβ€”every waking moment.

The more we connect with them and teach them how to interact, the deeper the bond we build.

The more time, energy, and care we invest, the more love we feel.

When the time comes for them to leave our lives, the pain we feel in our hearts is in direct correlation to the love that we offered.

This experience, this wisdom, this beautiful realization has opened me up to a new challenge in my life.

I want to challenge myself to love without limits.

I want to recognize when I’m holding back on my love and correct my path.

I want to risk being heartbroken because deep heartbreak comes from loving without limits.

I want to love without limits and let the pain wash through me when love is lost. Through the pain, I reach great comfort in the love I had instead of the love I left unknown.

I hope you will join me in learning how to love without limits.


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