Let’s Talk Marriage on Weight Loss For Teacher Moms Podcast

Between a full time career working with students all day, coming home to the evening job of motherhood, attempting to find time for ourselves, how are we supposed to cater to our other half in the house? Sometimes they are around us, we pass them in the hallway, and maybe do a high-five as we pass by, but we’ve forgotten how to nurture and have a relationship with that person. 

You’re not alone. So many teacher moms vent about the exhaustion at the end of the day and sometimes the frustration with having a spouse who doesn’t quite understand how our job is never done. How could we possibly have the energy to spend more quality time with one more person? 

This week we are focusing on our other half and how we can focus more on that slice of the Circle of Life called “relationships.” It is after all a part of the primary foods and has a significant impact on our weight loss journey. 

This week’s guest, Christine Bongiovanni is a love and relationship coach with thirty-plus years of experience guiding women to love themselves and the life they are living. Christine helps her clients go from thinking they’d be happier elsewhere to falling deeply in love with the one they’re with; she loves watching others create a life they want to wrap their arms around!

In this week’s episode you’ll hear:

  • How to squeeze in some time for our spouse despite a lack of energy or busy schedules so we don’t forget who we once were as a couple
  • Ways to bring up frustration or even have talks about spreading out the household workload so neither person feels overwhelmed 
  • How to overcome a lack of body confidence so that you and your spouse can still have that intimacy you yearn for
  • The importance of meeting your needs, while still nurturing your spouse

Featured on the podcast:

I am a marriage coach who helps women and couples go from feeling powerless to change how they feel about their marriage to feeling powerful and taking ownership of how they feel. My process isn’t about changing your partner; it’s about discovering who you are so that you can AwakenYou in your marriage, and through this process, you will begin to find that your partner will change as well! Schedule your free mini-coaching session today to discover how coaching can help you take your next steps forward toward what you want in your marriage.

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