Many of us married our partners because we thought they would heal all of our old heart wounds.

Of course, you didn’t say that to yourself 🤣, but if you take a moment to think about it, it makes complete sense.

Then they do something that makes you pull back and protect your heart.

Maybe they started staying at work longer than you thought they should.

Maybe they didn’t fix the leaky faucet as daddy did.

Maybe they stopped preparing your lunches.

That’s when your heart remembers those old wounds and starts protecting you by lashing out or trying to patch things up even though you’re angry, or maybe you withdraw and ignore the feelings in your heart.

Attachment styles help us understand how we deal with our hurting hearts, and this week on AwakenYou in your marriage, I am sharing last week’s Marriage Masterclass because it was that good.

And because it might help you make sense of how you show up when you feel unloved by your spouse.

Start making sense of your behaviors and use the three action steps I share at the end to discover your go-to attachment style and start the work of creating your secure attachment.

In this Marriage Masterclass, I am going to help you:

  • Demystify the attachment style concept so you can see how it plays out in your life and relationships
  • Discover both of your dominant styles and see how this combination may be keeping the relationship stuck
  • Learn how you are (unconsciously) seeing your spouse as a threat to your lovability so you can start interacting with discovering safety in interactions
  • Start having your own back and opening up to the love you desire

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