This episode started out as one of the Magical Marriage Success episodes, which it is, but there are so many gems Sonia shares about her experience with marriage across different cultural backgrounds that I made it an episode standing all on its own.

Enjoy this week’s episode that shares Sonia’s pre-dating experience, family of origin introductions, and then passage into marriage across a mix of American and East Indian cultures.

Sonia Dhaliwal is a weight loss coach for teacher moms. She helps teachers lose weight for the last time so they can feel comfortable in their own skin again. After many years of being a professional dieter, Sonia decided enough was enough with this battle. Going through preeclampsia during the end of my youngest child’s pregnancy was a wake-up call. She had been teaching elementary school for over 11 years and knew something had to change so she could get some answers.

While concentrating on family during her maternity leave, Sonia decided to enroll in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to learn more about holistic health and what it means to eat in a way that doesn’t involve counting calories, points, or grams of fat. It changed her life in so many ways and one of the biggest was becoming a health coach. By losing over 55 lbs through the whole food eating approach, she decided this would be an eye-opener for the busy teacher moms out there who were just like her. She keeps it practical, simple, and doable because teacher mommas are busy. Slow and steady is her approach and it’s what keeps the weight off for the long term.

Website: Wild Heart Mommas

Weight Loss For Teacher Moms Podcast



In these Magical Marriage Story episodes, I share other people’s marriage journeys in an effort to inspire you into believing that the marriage you dream of, the marriage that seems impossible and so far away, is actually possible. Everyone’s journey is different but through talking about our stories we release what holds us back while passing that energy on to others so they can heal their own relationship. Love is possible and I hope you will allow Sonia’s story to help bring you hope for something different!

I am a marriage coach helping individuals and couples turn their loveless & emotionless marriage into something better than they ever imagined possible. My process starts by looking within to understand how you got here, and from this place, we work together to figure out where you want to go. Then we get to the work of going there!

If you feel sad and completely powerless about your relationship’s state of being, then I’d love to chat with you about what is going on and what’s possible for you and your future. It’s never too late to re-create your best life. Schedule a free mini-session today, and let’s talk about how to get started. 

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