I have been on an interesting journey with food and today I am going to share a bit of my journey. I am sharing it because I want to bring hope to others who struggle with food and through my years of coaching athletes, I know that it’s a lot of you.

To begin, often times when I ask people if they struggle with food, if food has any power over them, I often get a mixed response. Some will say yes. Some will say no. Some cry out in the pain of their struggle. Yet as the conversation moves forward even those who stated that food had no power over them have discovered the truth, that it does.

Food has control over your mind when there is a whisper to go eat something and you can’t say no.

Food has control over your mind when you can’t sit down to relax without the need to include something to eat.

Food has control over you if you eat food that you made an agreement with yourself not to eat.

Can’t drive by the coffee shop without wanting to stop for a coffee? Where is your power in that moment?

Food doesn’t have power over you only when you wight more than your natural body weight. There are so many of us at, or close, to our natural body weight, maybe even below, who still have a controlling relationship with food.

My relationship with food goes way back to my early childhood developing into a disordered eating habit. This disordered eating revolved around control and resistance, wanting to look a certain way so that people would love me.

I’m not going to get into the deep complexity of my journey but am sharing that because most people have seen me as having massive control around food. Control I had, lots and lots of CONTROL.

In the past year I have been massively applying the principles I teach my stop overeating clients in an effort to truly experience their journey. To be able to teach from a place of sympathy and compassion for what they struggle with is what I am achieving. I am becoming an example of what is possible for everyone.

As I do this work, as I peel back the layers of mind opening acknowledgements, I move closer and closer to a state of complete freedom around food. As I do this work my mind is becoming free, free to spend energy on creating a more fulfilling life for myself and for my clients.

My process works like no other process you have tried to achieve this freedom.

My process works like no other process, but only if you’re willing to put in the work. It’s not easy but it is mind blowing, life changing and radically effective.

It is my belief that here in America, we have a food problem and the solution isn’t in controlling food, it’s in controlling your mind.

The prompt for writing about this came from one of my recent experiences, actually just a few days ago. It was a Sunday afternoon, I was getting ready to go to my brother’s cabin for a week. The day was beautifully playing itself out, until right before I hit the road. Jeff and I were enjoying an early dinner together when it came to me that we should’ve bought a dessert to share.

That was the just the beginning of a long, two hour battle, with my brain.

At that point my brain was driven to have me stop somewhere to get a treat. It was fully justifying every option I passed, I was heading to the cabin, of course you need a treat! My brain was fighting hard. It kept tugging me to pull over and it was determined to win.

At about ninety minutes in I couldn’t help but marvel at how many times I had allowed the urge, watched it dissipate and then BAM, it was right back in my brain.

I spent most of the drive watching my brain, like watching two toddlers in the back seat, lying, kicking, screaming, justifying.

I’m happy to say I won.

The long drive gave me the opportunity to really watch how this all can play out. I allowed myself to watch the play by play of taking the time to pull over, telling myself I’d only eat part of it, but of course eating it all. Possibly even purchasing more for the week, because who doesn’t relax at the cabin with treats?

The food is so powerful!

That is a lie, the power is in you. You have the power to reject the brain’s desire to seek pleasure at your own expense.

You are fighting with your brain, not with the food.

So stop giving your power to the chips, the fancy coffee, the dessert, the second serving, the food after the meal, whatever it is that is calling you into another battle.

You are stronger than the food.

Doing this work teaches you how to re-train your brain out of these old self taught habits.

Every step forward is a step forward.

Every step back should be taken as a learning experience that propels you two steps forward.

If you you live a life chained to the power of food, it’s time to start releasing the chains, I’ve got the hammer and the chisel!


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