I’m in a season right now of removing things from my life that don’t bring me joy anymore.

Literally that means that I’m cleaning out my closets.

Taking everything out.

Cleaning out the corners.

Re-evaluating each item before I put it back in.

Passing on that which no longer serves me.

While I have been going through this process from a completely different mindset than the person I was last time I went through this process, I am learning all sorts of interesting things.

Let me start with the logistics of the actual cleaning:

When we know how to self coach and manage our minds there is simply no drama.

The task gets scheduled and gets done.


When we have drama around this task it feels heavy, burdensome and very time consuming. We spend so much energy thinking about the task that by the time we get around to doing it we’re mentally drained. From this place the task can either drag on forever or just plain never gets finished, maybe not even started.

Our second biggest closet in the house literally took 2.5 hours: 15 minutes to pull it all out, 15 minutes to clean the empty closet, 30 minutes to decide what was going to be passed on (including time to contact potential takers), 45 minutes to re-pack and organize.

All of you math wizzes have already busted me because that breakdown comes to a total of 1.75 hours, not 2.5.

Ahhhh, yes, the eternal question, where did the other 45 minutes go?


Previously this task would have been drawn out most of the day, meaning I wouldn’t even start it until the day was mostly over, maybe into the next and I would be a crazy woman during the whole event.

Now? Just a task, got it done, look and smile, close the door and move on to the next. Oh, and go back a few times to open the door, enjoy and then close the door.

Now I’d like to look at how this process beautifully parallels something even more magical because it’s about this same thing but only with our minds. This is the daily self coaching work my clients, and I, do.


Never cleaning out your mind.

Allowing clutter.

Allowing toxic lies to enter and stay trapped inside.

Sludge, dirt, cobwebs swirling around as you decipher your way through each day.


Learning a whole new process of looking at what’s in our brain.

Learning what it takes to throw out thoughts that you habitually keep inviting back in.

Learning the process of cleaning up (insert years since young adulthood) of stored thoughts.


Knowing the process of cleaning the brain daily.

Throwing out accumulated trash on the regular.

Never allowing unwanted thoughts to accumulate long enough where they would start to stink, rot and re-infect.

This process is completely available to everyone, you just have to believe in yourself enough to take steps to implement them so you can start living your best life today.

Do yourself a kindness, don’t put yourself off until tomorrow what will change your life today.


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