I’m thrilled to announce the release of my latest episode of the AwakenYou in Your Marriage podcast: “Breaking the Chains: Unlearning Destructive Communication Patterns.” In this episode, we delve deep into the transformative process of shedding old communication habits to pave the way for healthier, more fulfilling relationships.

As we reflect on the first quarter of 2024, it’s crucial to evaluate the patterns and dynamics within our marriages. Communication plays a pivotal role in fostering connection, understanding, and growth. However, certain patterns can hinder our progress and create barriers to intimacy.

In Episode 164, I explore four common destructive communication patterns:

  1. Withdrawing and avoiding: Recognize the tendency to shut down or avoid important discussions.
  2. Escalation: Understand the impact of intensifying conflicts and learn how to de-escalate tensions.
  3. Negative interpretation: Challenge assumptions and cultivate empathy to foster understanding.
  4. Invalidation: Learn to validate your partner’s feelings and experiences instead of dismissing them.

Through insightful discussions and actionable strategies, you’ll learn how to identify these patterns, understand their impact, and implement healthier communication habits. From recognizing triggers to fostering empathy and validation, I’ll empower you to break free from old habits and cultivate deeper connections with your spouse.

I invite you to listen to the episode on your favorite podcast platform and share your thoughts and insights with our community. Together, we can embark on a journey of growth, understanding, and transformation in our marriages.

Thank you for being a part of the AwakenYou community. Your support and engagement mean the world to me, and I’m honored to accompany you on this journey toward a more fulfilling relationship.

I am a marriage coach helping women and couples turn their loveless & disconnected marriage into something better than they ever imagined possible. My process starts by helping you figure out what it is you want in your marriage because face it, it’s been a while since you’ve dreamed of what your future could look like. Once you’ve started to open up to what is possible together we create a path towards the marriage you crave.

If you feel sad and powerless about your marriage’s state of affairs, I’d love to chat with you about how you’re feeling and what moving towards something different could look like. Book your Courageous Love Conversation Inquiry Call today, and let’s talk about how to get started. 

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