This week I’m wrapping up an insightful series on behaviors that can slowly corrode your marriage. Over the past few weeks, we’ve delved into selfishness, pride, control, and resentment. This week I unravel the topic of laziness in marriage. 

Laziness, in this context, isn’t just about lacking motivation. It’s often a symptom of something deeper. We’re going to explore what might be triggering laziness and how to revive your relationship. 

I talk about:
1️⃣ What laziness is.
2️⃣ How to recognize laziness.
3️⃣ What causes laziness when it comes to our marriages.
4️⃣ How to be an active participant in your marriage.

So, here’s your call to action: Take a closer look at your own “marriage laziness” from the inside out. Ask yourself what might be causing it. Are there unresolved issues or pent-up resentments? Have you dedicated so much time to others that you’ve forgotten your own relationship desires?

This week’s AwakenYou in Your Marriage Episode 141: Breaking Free from Laziness in Your Marriage could be your first step to change the laziness dynamic in your marriage. If you find yourself stuck in the relationship rut, consider booking yourself a program inquiry call, and let’s talk about steps to move you into a place that feels better. It could be the catalyst you needed to turn your marriage around. 


I am a marriage coach helping women and couples turn their loveless & disconnected marriage into something better than they ever imagined possible. My process starts by helping you figure out what it is you even want in your marriage because face it, it’s been a while since you’ve dreamed of what your future could look like. Once you’ve started to open up to what is possible together we create a path towards the marriage you crave.

If you feel sad and powerless about your marriage’s state of affairs, I’d love to chat with you about how you’re feeling and what moving towards something different could look like. Book your Courageous Love Conversation Inquiry Call today, and let’s talk about how to get started. 

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