When was the last time you blew bubbles with your spouse? I’m not sure I ever have, but I may need to add it to my FUN list – which you will learn about on this week’s AwakenYou in Your Marriage episode.

This week, I’m tackling a challenge many face: the sensation of being stuck in a mundane marriage.

I’ve had my journey with fun, one that led me back to my core self after years of stifling it. From societal expectations to personal beliefs, fun often took a back seat. But then, something changed. I embarked on a journey to rekindle my relationship with fun, not just in my personal life but within my marriage, too. The results were truly transformative.

What you’ll learn in Ep 133: Break the Boredom: The Power of Infusing Fun Into Your Marriage.

1. Fun is a Decision:
Fun is a choice you consciously make, not just a hoped-for outcome. It’s about crafting moments that light up your marriage intentionally. You can infuse fun into any situation, independent of external circumstances. Remember, your attitude is the key.

2. The Benefits of Fun:
Fun is not only a temporary escape from stress; it’s a catalyst for creativity, communication, and connection. When you infuse fun, you invite intimacy, broaden perspectives, and create memorable experiences that linger long after the moment.

3. Creating Fun Opportunities:
Start by exploring activities you genuinely enjoy on your own. Then, share your enthusiasm with your spouse. Discuss what fun means to both of you and be open to new experiences. Get creative with date nights, break free from the routine, and embrace spontaneity. Remember, fun doesn’t need to be extravagant – it’s the joy you cultivate that matters.

Ready to Take Action?

If you’re up for the challenge, I share ideas to get you started creating fun, and the best part is that it starts with you!

Friends, remember, the power of fun is within your grasp. Choose to infuse your marriage with joy and watch the magic unfold. Let’s dissolve the chains of boredom and embark on a thrilling journey of shared laughter and heartwarming memories.

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