“I’m afraid this freedom won’t last.”

It’s something I often hear from my clients and it comes from our old thinking. It comes from looking to our past for our future results.

This work is about re-wiring your brain, creating new thinking, yet, like anything else, we have to continue the work or our old patterning will come back.

As you start to feel and taste your new found freedom, as you feel the weight of the old you fall away, you will never want to go back to your old way of living. You will feel it, recognize it for what it is because it won’t feel good.

My experience was such a beautiful freedom that I knew I would never go back, sort of like when I gave my life to The Lord.

Yet you still want to guard and protect the work you have done by paying attention to old thinking and reminding it that it no longer lives in you.

Let’s compare it to what God gives us in Proverbs 4:23 “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”

When I first memorized this verse I saw myself as the guarder of my heart.

This was of course how I thought about it because that is what I had always done.

I protected my heart and my life with control.

When I started to do this work,

When I started to learn what it felt like to love myself fully and to start letting go of my control of others,

This is when I truly understood that I could let go of guarding my heart because through my partnership with the supreme bodyguard of my heart, I could let go.

The Holy Spirit is the ultimate protector of our heart.

How do we protect this freedom that we are cultivating in our hearts?

We want to choose love on a daily basis.

Choosing love casts out fear, just like God’s perfect love.

Control is rooted in fear.

So to make your freedom last you will make it a daily practice to step into love.

If you want to read further on in your bible, I suggest you read John 15: 1-17


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