Some of us have pasts we want to re-write.

Sometimes we just want to let go of our public identity and just be the, what I call, the wild and unapologetic you.

Sometimes we are afraid of losing ourselves in the process of changing who we are through coaching, fearing that we will lose our identity.

Wherever you fall on the continuum I want to clarify something for you.

You are you.

You will always be you.

This is beautifully true.

You may not believe that today.

That doesn’t make it untrue.

The process of Awakening The True You, only lets go of what isn’t serving you. It strips away all of the layers and chains holding you back, pushing you under, keeping you from revealing that incredibly colorful you.

Do you find this confusing?

I’ll attempt to clear things up for you here by using me as a for instance.

When I am chatting about who I used to be, most people won’t even know the difference. I mean, it’s not like I was some deep, dark, different person. I just wasn’t fully me.

I am still so very much the same.

I am now so very different.

I leave the drama behind.

I am unapologetically me.

I’m not embarrassed of who I am.

I don’t blame others for how I feel.

I don’t regret anything.

I love myself, always.

I love my life, all of it, from the beginning to today.

I am only the True Me.

The Awakened Me.

You see, I haven’t forgotten my past, I’ve re-written, and am re-writing, my past.

My past is now a beautiful story about one strong woman who no longer resents, regrets and resists her past.

I am a woman who turned her life around.

Same life.

Different story.

You may still be confused but you too can Awaken The True You, the process will erase your confusion.

Let me show you how.


My Awaken(TheTrue)You program is for strong, success driven women who want to discover their true self, discover the missing key, find their purpose and then start building a legacy from pure power. I have made it may mission to show you how.

I’d love to offer a free call for you to work out whether or not my program and life changing promise is a fit for you. Either book your call now or send me an email with your availability before your subconscious primitive mind tells you to run and hide.

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