Are You Self Confident or Confident?

Today I want to share the difference because it’s huge. It might help you discover something you didn’t know about yourself and allow you to explore how to develop the one you may be lacking.


Confidence is specific to the person because it is a skill that someone has practiced or something that a person might have natural talent for. You are confident you can get on your bicycle after several years of not riding it if you’ve rode a bicycle enough to create that confidence.

Strong, driven, successful people like yourself have developed a false sense of self confidence by practicing and seeking further education in what you do. You have taken actions that have developed your confidence in something you do.

I like to liken this to your shield of confidence, you have proven to the powers that be, whoever those people are, that you are fully competent. To prove it you also might make sure that people are fully aware of your capability in an effort to feel better about yourself, so that they will be impressed with you.

Generating love, recognition, validation from outside of yourself.

The interesting thing is that even though we may have confidence in a certain ability there are so many of us who experience the dreaded imposter syndrome.

I experienced this during my 30 year business of coaching athletes. I had gone to college to become a Chemical Engineer, after three years changed that path to Journalism and Graphic Design. After getting laid off during Desert Storm, I decided to start helping all of the people at the gym who had been begging me to help them start the journey to a healthier life. Needing an income resource I started one of most successful personal training businesses in the country and became a professional athlete in the process. All the evidence of success still made me feel like an imposter, simply caused by plenty of confidence but very little self confidence.

Another consideration is that confident people often will not try things they aren’t good at because of fear. Fear they might fail. Fear they might feel embarrassed or humiliated.

Self Confidence

Is truly an overall mindset you create for yourself about your own ability in ALL areas of your life that matter to you.

It is the ability to do something that you might be afraid of doing but fear doesn’t stop you from doing it.

You choose to take the action regardless of your fear because you know that fear is just an emotion, it can’t kill you.

You are willing to fail with the only consequence being an uncomfortable feeling and possible failure.

Knowing that what happens doesn’t mean anything negative about you.

Knowing the feeling will pass.

Knowing you have evolved yourself and learned something.

You are taking the actions that you want to take, no matter what.

Self confident people will do things they haven’t done before because they’re confident in themselves. They aren’t afraid of feeling embarrassed or humiliated. They know that failure means nothing about them as a human being. They know that the failure is just information for moving forward.

As a coach who has overcome the obstacle of myself getting in the way of myself I now teach people how to become more self confident. I teach them how to overcome the fears that keep them from playing big. I teach them how to have their own back in every life situation.

If you are starting to see that you might be the biggest obstacle in your life and you want to start coming up with strategies to overcome this obstacle then send me an email and let’s find some time to talk. Overcoming this obstacle has been the best work I have ever done in my life and it is my mission to help anyone brave enough to finally take the steps to freedom.

I can’t wait to watch you soar!


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