Hi there

welcome to my world!

I'm Christine Bongiovanni

I have made it my life mission, and passion, to take thousands of people like yourself, through my process of creating the love relationship of their dreams.

I know what an unhappy, disconnected love relationship looks like. Actually, when I said “yes” to my second marriage, I thought this was going to be “the one”, this was going to be the marriage that would weather any storm. I had done what I thought to be, “all of the things”, I had taken my time, worked on my well-being and prayed.

The problem was that all of the “things” I tried didn’t solve the root of my problem, which was me.

I am what I would call a powerfully strong, independent woman, who loves being in control of it all, especially my relationships. 

I controlled how people thought of me by proving how smart I was, hello Chemical Engineering…

I controlled how people thought of me by building my body into a state of perfection and becoming a professional athlete.

I controlled how people thought of me by building a business empire around coaching other women to do the same thing.

Several years into my second marriage, I found myself facing the possibility of yet another broken relationship. I was heartbroken, confused, mad, frustrated, broken, you name it, I felt it. In all of my previous relationships I had made sure to control the outcome, an outcome that ensured that I got the last word in by saying goodbye. 

This relationship was different. This relationship I was committed to making work, no matter what, so I decided to control what I now know to be the only thing I can control. 

Instead of looking at what was wrong with him and attempting to change that, I poured my energies inward. I started controlling my own destiny

I was the one thing I knew needed work, but I had previously been too scared to dig in, what better time to face the lion? I sought therapy, which was a catalyst to my healing, but the pain remained. We sought couples therapy which provided a short, temporary fix that didn’t last.

Then I stumbled upon life coaching, it immediately turned my world upside down, in a magnificently, beautiful way. 

I dedicated a year to practicing the principles taught by my life coach and it truly was the best year of my life. It changed me, and my marriage, so much that I decided to dissolve my athletic coaching business of thirty years, get certified by the best life coaching school in the world, and start my own coaching practice changing women’s lives from the inside out, forever.

I have made it my purpose to be an example of what is possible, not only for your marriage, but also for you. 

Life coaching changed my life, and my marriage, so much I couldn’t keep it to myself. I became a Life Coach School certified life & weight coach and am now on mission to help thousands of women like you create the marriage of their dreams. 

Through my Awaken(YourTrue)You program women, and some great men, are discovering the marriage they had only dreamt of.

As you nurture your own love relationship with yourself, you will find controlling the world is no longer necessary. You will find your marriage turning into exactly what you’ve always imagined it to be. You will find peace and freedom not only in your most intimate relationship, but in ALL of your relationships. Every day will start to bring you closer to the sense of love, connection and fun you have been desperately seeking outside of yourself. 

I can’t wait to meet you!

Get Excited, It's Time To Re-Ignite Your Marriage !

Eventually you will get to the point where the pain of staying the same exceeds the pain of doing the work to change.

You will realize that all of the things you’re doing to create excitement in your life aren’t working.

You will realize you are avoiding the pain that is coming from your thoughts about your relationship with the one you love the most.

When that time comes I’ll be here ready to hand over your key.

The key that will Awaken(YourTrue)You.