Hi there

welcome to my world!

I'm Christine Bongiovanni

I have made it my mission to help you design the life you were uniquely created to live, your best life.

I know what an unhappy, unfulfilled life looks like. Looking at my past life from the outside it looked pretty amazing, a professional athlete who created a highly successful personal training and event promotion business of thirty years. That’s what most people saw when they thought of me, a happily successful business woman, yet inside that wasn’t truly what was going on.

My life bounced all over the place. Out of high school into a Chemical Engineering program, then into a Graphic Design career stunted by a poor economy which had me, as a single parent, diving head first into making money by helping people get in shape.

When I launched that business I truly thought I held the key to happiness: teaching people how to feel good about themselves through physical well being. Yet there was one big problem, I was still very unhappy inside.

Twenty eight years later, I found life coaching. The principles taught by my life coach sent me on a journey of discovering my true self. I applied the work to my life and happily threw away that old key to false happiness. I grabbed on to the key that not only changed my life forever but allowed me to more deeply carry out my dream of bringing others to the same mental freedom.

Life coaching changed my life so much I couldn’t keep it to myself. I became a Life Coach School certified life & weight coach and am now on mission to help hundreds of people fulfill their own life dream. 

Through my Awaken(YourTrue)You program men and women are discovering their true selves. They are shedding the mask that they carry out into the world and developing the self confidence to boldly live as the incredible person they were created to be.

As you discover your true self your purpose will start to unfold. Every day will start to bring you closer to the sense of peace and fulfillment you have been desperately seeking outside of yourself.

Be Brave, Your True Life Is Waiting!

Eventually you will get to the point where you’re ready. You will reach the point of no longer having the strength to put your mask on.

Eventually you will get tired of doing all of the things only to get the same result.

When that time comes I’ll be here ready to hand over your key.

The key that will Awaken(YourTrue)You.