Navigating Dark Moments: The Realities of Depression and Seeking Support Ep 169

Navigating Dark Moments: The Realities of Depression and Seeking Support Ep 169 | The Marriage Coach

This week I open up about a deeply personal experience—one that I believe is crucial to discuss openly and honestly. I shared a journey through dark moments, navigating the complexities of depression and suicide ideation while on medication, and the unexpected challenges of seeking support from loved ones.

This episode is more than just a recounting of my own struggles; it’s a reminder that mental health is a journey we’re all on together. It’s about shedding light on the realities of depression, the importance of seeking help, and the complexities of receiving support from those closest to us.

I hope this episode serves as a beacon of hope for anyone who may be facing similar challenges. You are not alone, and your story matters. Remember, there is always support available, and your life holds immeasurable value.

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