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We're Working Together As A Team!
I reached out to Christine, because I was feeling lost in my relationship. I wasn’t even sure what to bring up about my partner, or how to do so. Everything felt so tangled. Money, intimacy, communication were all issues, and I assumed both of us needed to work in order for things to change. I felt so heard and supported by Christine, some things were hard to hear, but it was always what I needed. What surprised me the most was how much shifted in my relationship without my partner doing anything different. Our relationship changed because he was reacting to the changes I made for myself. Christine has saved our relationship at least 3 times over. I feel more confident in who I am and who I want to be, more at peace, more connected with my partner. I’m so grateful for Christine’s support, both in my relationship and as an individual. She’s been one of the most impactful mentors I’ve had and I feel so lucky that I’ve gotten to experience her impact.
Highly Sustainable Practice
I came to Christine with high expectations from positive past coaching experiences, and I was not disappointed. Through asking thought-provoking questions and truly listening, I felt Christine understood my goals and struggles and was committed to my progress.  I walked away from my coaching experience with the tools to accomplish my goals and have been able to sustain the practices we worked through. I highly recommend Christine as a coach!
The Only Practice That Has Moved Me Forward
My most significant skepticism going into Christine's AwakenYou program was that coaching wouldn't work for me. I had worked with psychologists throughout my life, and they only seemed to tell me that I was handling things well and doing it right. I needed solutions because I wasn't moving forward; I felt stuck. Working with Christine helped change my perception, I was more open, and she helped me see myself through different lenses allowing me to see myself differently. Christine's program allowed me to start working on my relationship with myself, and while I still have work to do, she taught me a practice I can continue on my own.
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Christine Is Very Real And Comfortable
Before joining AwakenYou I didn’t know what to expect or how a life coach would teach me how to start my part-time business. As soon as I meet Christine, I knew this would be a fantastic program; she is very “real,” and the connection was easy! I wasn’t sure that I could achieve the results I set out to reach, but the resources provided within the program are so generous that there isn’t a way to fail. These resources kept me moving forward, even after I finished the program. AwakenYou showed me how I was thinking about myself and taught me usable tools to change that thinking to believe in myself and my dream to start a side business. The value provided in the program is way beyond the money invested. If you’re on the fence about joining, do it; I guarantee you will leave wondering why you didn’t do this sooner.
My Investment Return Keeps Growing
I wasn’t sure I would get a return on my investment, but as I moved through the program, I started trusting the process while grabbing on to key concepts and applying them to my life. My investment return continues to show up beyond the end of the AwakenYou program. Having someone to talk consistently with about goals and performance in a candid way brought the most value to me in achieving my results. I saw huge improvements in my work performance and learning how to build connection in relationships and get clear with my life purpose.
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I Got My Dream Job!
Christine has helped me with how I communicate with people in my personal and professional relationships. She is very compassionate and was able to help me clarify my true needs as well as overcome obstacles in the way of reaching my personal and professional goals.
Mary Beth Schiffer